Our Partnership Model

We believe there is a better way to deliver care and no one can do this on their own. Partnership and collaboration are the key to delivering something not just better - but beyond better.

How we partner with clinicians
Why we do it differently

All WHP businesses are operated in partnership with the clinicians working within that business. Our clinician partners hold direct ownership interests in the business, and these partners have equal input in all management decisions. We work collaboratively to ensure that the centre provides the resources necessary to deliver excellent care and give clinicians the opportunity to leverage their deep expertise in their field to build a centre that reflects the requirements of their own practices.

As an organisation, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of care. We maintain a rigorous quality and performance improvement framework, submit data to all relevant outcome programs, and are working with insurers to improve their ability to identify and reward quality care providers. Our criteria for identifying potential clinician partners includes a strong emphasis on clinical excellence and reputation in the field. Our partnerships include many clinicians who hold substantive posts either as NHS heads of service or with professional organisations.

Core benefits

Clinicians who partner with WHP can access rewards not possible through traditional models of private practice.

As a business owner of a centre of excellence, clinicians take ownership of the management, strategy, and growth of their own business, supported by the WHP team, and can take pride in a facility they have co-developed. The partnership fosters a more collaborative working environment for clinicians than is typical in private care – rather than working in competition they now share in each other’s success. The clinician group can choose its own membership, selecting colleagues they trust both clinically and personally.

Summary of benefits:

  • Develop a centre in collaboration from the ground up, with input into all aspects of the design, build and fit-out
  • Work in a centre which is run efficiently, smoothly and delivers an outstanding patient experience
  • Select colleagues that you trust both clinically and personally, work collaboratively rather than in competition and share in each other’s success
  • Collaborate with other groups and specialties within the WHP network Engage with insurers and GPs with the support of WHP
  • Share in the value the practice creates for the hospital, in addition to existing professional fee income which remains untouched
  • Monthly returns on investment made from centre opening
  • Capitalise on the value created in the partnership on retirement, by selling ownership share to new joiners
  • Receive support on practice development and benefit from wider WHP marketing programmes

How it works

Welbeck Health Partners (WHP) is working to change the way healthcare is delivered. We partner with leading clinicians to build bespoke centres of excellence that deliver simple, efficient care at the highest level. Our leadership has deep expertise in designing and operating innovative models of healthcare both in the UK and internationally, including AmSurg – the USA’s leading operator of day case surgery clinics, and Leaders in Oncology Care – the UK’s foremost private oncology clinic.

By partnering with clinicians, everyone shares in the success of the group, fostering a highly collaborative working environment. The partnership creates a framework for standardisation of patient pathways, regulation of quality between partners, and cross referral within and between different specialties. Groups can organise themselves to ensure that all patients receive the best care from the relevant sub-specialist and offer a single point of accountability to referrers and payors. Taken together, this creates a particularly compelling proposition in the market.

A partnership model will naturing drive excellence throughout the joint venture:

  • Clinical Excellence – Adopting latest technology and clinical practice to advance how ambulatory care can be delivered safely across the UK
  • Leadership Excellence – utilising the experience of Welbeck Health Partners and clinicians to manage all aspects of how to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients and the centre
  • Commercial Excellence – as owners of the company, there is a unique focus on how to manage the financial aspects of the private healthcare centre, from investing in new developments, managing the balance sheet, and delivering a positive return on investment to all shareholders

What we offer

As equal partners, Welbeck Health Partners are committed to both clinicians’ individual success, and the success of the centre. The corporate expertise and support offered from Welbeck health partners covers all major aspects of delivering the best possible care to our patients. From building design, governance, clinical operations, finance, HR, billing, and marketing, the service is tailored to the needs of the specific specialty and centre and is built into the commitment and contract of the Joint Venture to ensure continued support.

Clinician experiences

Our consultants are our greatest asset and are best-placed to say why working with Welbeck Health Partners creates excellent patient care and a sound business model.

Professor Julian Teare

Professor Julian Teare, Professor of Gastroenterology and Medical Director of OneWelbeck

“What started as a small group of three of us looking to do something better has turned into the UK’s largest gastroenterology team with over 25 partners.

It has been immensely rewarding to bring together all the best aspects of different gastro clinics from around the world into one place.

I thoroughly enjoy working with an ambitious team, who share my frustrations with the existing system and my desire to transform patient care.”

Professor Shern Chew, Chair of OneWelbeck Endocrinology

“All our hand-picked clinicians are leaders in London teaching hospitals and active researchers, and include two of the best-known and most experienced endocrine surgeons in Europe, complementing an outstanding head and neck group.

As a team, we will exceed standard quality and reporting requirements, using specialist-recognised best-practice guidelines - a commitment we have not experienced in other clinics.
We have designed a patient pathway with maximum efficiency in mind, without compromising on quality.’

Dr Shern Chew
Professor Richard Schilling

Professor Richard Schilling, Chair of OneWelbeck Heart Health

“Quality is of the utmost importance to us. It’s not a non-medic setting the standards. Instead, we - the doctors - set the standards.

Many of us have spent 20-30 years building our reputations around the world, and our work at OneWelbeck is focused on continuing that journey to be cutting edge and being proud of what we do.

The team was selected based on who we would want to look after our families.”

Professor Jane Setterfield, Chair of OneWelbeck Skin Health & Allergy

“Our doctors have formed a partnership based on their clinical and academic excellence and world-renowned reputations across the fields of dermatology and allergy. We are very proud to have developed this state-of-the-art facility providing a complete range of services. Our specialist team will ensure our patients and their families have their skin health and allergy needs fully addressed to the highest standards of clinical care.”

Prof Jane Setterfield